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Still reading? Cool. That means you've already seen Fight Club, and since you're visiting this page, you must have liked it. Now, next time you watch it, here's some stuff to make sure and look for.

During his night job as a projectionist, Tyler is always splicing in objectionable frames into family films. Interestingly enough, he's actually spliced himself into the movie Fight Club. Watch closely and keep your finger on the pause button, and you might catch him. Here's where Tyler is hidden:

1.) Approximately 4 minutes into the film. Jack is at the copier machine. Just as he says the line, "a copy of a copy of a copy," Tyler can be glimpsed in front of the copier machine.

2.) Approximately 6 1/2 minutes into the film. Jack is asking the doctor about his insomnia, and the doc reccomends he swing by the support group for men with testicular cancer. As the doc says the line, "That's pain," Tyler appears next to the doctor.

3.) Approximately 7 1/2 minutes into the film. At the support group, the leader says it is time for the one-on-ones. After the line, "and really open ourselves up," Tyler appears next to the leader with his arm around him.

4.) Approximately 12 1/2 minutes into the film. Jack follows Marla out of the support group. As she's walking away, just before the line, "next Group, after guided meditation..." Tyler appears in the distance, in front of Marla.

Tyler makes another cameo about 20 minutes into the film, when Jack is in his hotel room, talking about "single serving friends." When the hotel staff appears on the TV saying, "Welcome!", look at the guy on the far right. It's Mr. Durden himself.


Throughout the movie there are many clues foreshadowing the revelation that Jack and Tyler are really the same person (I told you not to read this unless you've seen it already, so don't blame me if I just ruined it for you). Here are some of them.

-In the airport, Jack is on the moving sidewalk and thinks to himself, "If you can wake up in a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" The camera pans over to Tyler Durden, going the opposite way (this is Tyler's first "non subliminal" appearance in the movie).
-On the plane, Jack and Tyler have the same briefcase.
-In the scene where Jack is getting stitches after getting beat up at Fight Club, he explains that sometimes, Tyler speaks for him. "Fell down some stairs," Tyler says in the background, and Jack repeats him.
-When confronted by his boss about a piece of paper left in the copier, Jack starts to act like Tyler. He even thinks to himself, "Tyler's words coming out of my mouth."
-When Lou punches Tyler in the stomach, watch Jack's reaction. He acts as though he's been punched in the stomach as well.
-In his boss's office, Jack starts physically beating on himself, which he says reminds him of his first fight with Tyler.
-When Jack gets home off the bus, just before the scene with the spraypainted building on the news, he is carrying one of the green Project Mayhem folders.
-Just before the joyride, the driver of the car looks at Jack and calls him "Mister Durden."
-After the joyride, they get into an accident and the car flips over. Then, Tyler pulls Jack from the driver's side of the car, not the passenger side.
-When Jack is looking for Tyler, he thinks to himself, "Is Tyler my bad dream or am I Tyler's?" He also says that everywhere he goes, he feels he has been there before, and that chasing Tyler is like "chasing an invisible man."

Other Things To Spot

-The station wagon in the bar parking lot during Jack and Tyler's first fight was used in another David Fincher movie, The Game.
-In the scene where the garage attendant sprays the priest with the hose, notice the camera bounces slightly at a couple of points. This is because the camera man started laughing.
-Look at the thermostat on the wall in the scene where Jack confronts his boss, just before he beats himself up. When the profile shot switches back and forth between Jack and the boss, the thermostat changes color from white to black each time.
-In the scene where Tyler is handing out homework assignments as everyone leaves Fight Club for the night, look in the background. You will see Bob using an oxygen mask. This is because Meat Loaf had to wear a very heavy fat suit to play Bob, and was under a great amount of physical strain when doing the fighting scenes.
-When the Project Mayhem gang runs outside after their attack on the commissioner, watch Bob... his pants fall down!
-When Jack is putting Marla on the bus, the movie theater down the street is showing Seven Years In Tibet, another movie starring Brad Pitt.
-Apparently Tyler decided to have one last laugh in the projection room... he spliced a naughty frame into the end of the movie, when Jack and Marla are watching the buildings fall.


-There are two hidden features on the DVD. The first one can be found on Disc One. Highlight "Special," and then click up. A green smiley face will appear. Click enter to access some hidden production credits.
-The second hidden feature is on Disc Two. Go into the advertising section, and then highlight Promotional Gallery. Click down to reveal another hidden smiley face. This one takes you to a "catalog" of Fight Club merchandise.
-Early rumors about the Fight Club DVD indicated that it would have alternate endings to the film, including one where Tyler lives and Jack dies, and one that was based on the ending to the book. Fans were disappointed when these endings were nowhere to be seen on the DVD. Fincher denies that any alternate endings even exist, so chances are we won't be seeing them any time soon. The DVD does include several deleted scenes, however, including the controversial line Marla says to Tyler, "I want to have your abortion."

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