Edward Norton plays the narrator of our story. Though his real name is never revealed, some fans and websites have referred to him as "Jack." This is because throughout the movie, the narrator often expresses his emotions by comparison to a series of magazine articles that he discovered, with titles like "I Am Jack's Colon" and "I Am Jack's Medulla Oblongata." Our narrator refers to himself as "Jack's Inflamed Sense of Rejection," "Jack's Smirking Revenge," "Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise," and several others.

Jack, as we will call him, is an insomniac with a depressing job, who tries to find satisfaction in the way he decorates his home, or in the single-serving friends he meets on business trips. He comes to find comfort in support groups for people with ailments that he does not actually have. It is at these support groups that he meets Marla Singer. It is on an airplane that he meets Tyler Durden. It is in Tyler he trusts. It is in Tyler that Fight Club is born.

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