One of my personal favorite musicians of all time, William Martin Joel has been filling our hearts with music for over 30 years. He has had an amazing number of hit songs that have filled three "Greatest Hits" albums. Be it the upbeat "Uptown Girl" or the mellow "New York State of Mind," whether you're headed to "52nd Street" or up the "River of Dreams," Billy Joel's voice and piano will take you away. And you won't want to come back.

It's amazing enough to hear Billy's music, but the experience is topped by seeing him perform live. Whether he's juggling his microphone stand in the air or dancing around the stage, he gives a very high-energy and humorous performance.

I have been lucky enough to see him in concert four times:

-December 1998 at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse with my family and my friends Mark and Jeff.

-March 2003 at HSBC Arena in Buffalo with my friend Mike, when Billy was performing with Elton John on their Face to Face Tour (here's the set list from that show).

-April 2007 in Buffalo with my wife (fiancee at the time) Amanda and our siblings (here's that set list).

-March 2010 in Buffalo with Amanda, again as part of a Face to Face tour with Elton John (here is an article that includes the set list and talks about the fact that the concert was rescheduled twice!).

All four shows were spectacular experiences that I will never forget.

For all of the albums listed below, you will find a list of the songs on that album, plus the lyrics to one song that I think really represents the album as a whole. All albums, songs, lyrics, etc. are of course copyrighted by Mr. Joel.

Cold Spring Harbor
Piano Man
Streetlife Serenade
The Stranger
52nd Street
Glass Houses
The Nylon Curtain
An Innocent Man
The Bridge
Storm Front
River of Dreams

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