Lois & Clark

Top Ten Greatest Moments

#10 - Lois Meets Superman (Pilot)

Ever the intrepid reporter, Lois Lane stows away aboard a shuttle headed for Space Station Prometheus, a laboratory in outer space that has the potential to cure many crippling diseases. However, Lex Luthor has planted a bomb aboard the shuttle, outraged that his own plans for a space station were beat out by the Prometheus project. Lois discovers the bomb and is trying to figure out how to stop it, when Superman enters and begins taking the bomb apart. To Lois's amazement, Superman proceeds to swallow the bomb and let it explode inside him. "What the hell are you?" she asks in bewilderment. He answers her with a burp, and an embarassed apology.

#9 - Teach Me How To Fly ("All Shook Up")

After crashing back to Earth attempting to stop an asteroid, Clark develops amnesia. Now, with only hours left until the asteroid collides with Earth, Jonathan and Martha Kent have to help their adopted son remember how to be the world's greatest hero. They take him up to the roof of his apartment building, hoping he'll remember how to fly, but it doesn't come back to him quite so easily. "Do I flap my arms or something?" he asks, confused. In a last ditch effort, they take him over to the ledge... and Martha pushes him off!

#8 - Lois Makes a New Superman ("Tempus Anyone?")

Tempus has dragged Lois Lane into an alternate reality version of Metropolis, where the city is filled with crime, Tempus is running for mayor, Jimmy Olsen owns the Daily Planet, and Superman doesn't exist. Clark Kent is afraid of using his powers in public, and is forced to hide them by his possessive fiance Lana Lang. Lois encourages Clark to become the Superman that she knows he is, and even helps him make a costume. As the REM song "I Am Superman" plays in the background, Superman starts cleaning up the city, one crime at a time. A baffled police officer that Superman has just saved from a criminal's bullet asks what this new hero calls himself. "Uh... Super Man," he replies awkwardly, with very little confidence. "Superman," the officer repeats, trying the name out. "That's a cool name."

#7 - Space Rats ("Seasons Greedings")

When disgrunteled toy maker Winslow P. Schott (played by Sherman Hemsley) releases space rats dolls that squirt a special chemical compound, strange things begin to happen. Suddenly, adults are acting like greedy little children. In the Planet newsroom, Perry is dancing on his desk, Clark and Jimmy are racing around on rolling chairs, and Lois is playing hopscotch. But when Clark uses his heat vision to burn the heel off Lois's shoe, a visiting Martha Kent sees him. "Clark Jerome Kent," she snaps, "you get over here right now!" The best moment in the whole scene? When Lois is scolded by Perry for drawing on the floor in permanant marker, Clark taunts her with a sing-song "Lois is in trouble, Lois is in trouble!"

#6 - Lois and Clark Have Christmas Dinner ("Seasons Greedings")

Lois has prepared a huge Christmas dinner for all her friends, but unfortunately they all have other plans. Perry has to make up with his wife, Jimmy has a date, Clark is going to Smallville... but the man she really wants to show up is Superman. When a gust of wind blows through the window, her hopes soar, but no one is there. Just then there is a knock at the door, and who has shown up but Clark Kent. He claims his flight got snowed in, despite the lack of snow outside. Touched that he canceled his plans to be with her, Lois has dinner with Clark, and then they listen to the carolers outside as she gently rests her head on his shoulder. A touching ending to a great episode.

#5 - The Death of Mayson Drake ("Lucky Leon")

Throughout season two, a young female lawyer named Mayson Drake sought Clark's affections, though ironically she did not like Superman. As Mayson is getting into her car after leaving the courthouse one night, she trips a carbomb that has been set for her. Clark hears the bomb as it activates and races to the car, getting there just in time to watch it explode. As he pulls the dying Mayson from the flaming wreck, she sees the "S" underneath his shirt, which was torn in the explosion. Finally in on the secret, Mayson dies in Clark's arms. In the days before internet spoilers, this shocking death of a major character took the fans completely by surprise.

#4 - The Scream Heard 'Round the World ("Barbarians At The Planet")

It was Clark's worst nightmare. Lex Luthor had proposed to Lois Lane, and she was thinking of accepting. Afraid of losing her, Clark confessed his true feelings... only to get the old "Let's just be friends" line in reply. Now, Superman hovers outside Lex's window as he watches him place the ring on her finger, and then kiss her. Filled with pain, Superman flies to the arctic at super speed. He releases a primal scream that literally shakes the mountains, avalanches of ice and snow crumbling down into the water below. He hangs his head, standing alone, isolated, and defeated. The most vulnerable, and possibly, the most human, we have ever seen the Man of Steel.

#3 - Lex's Fall ("The House of Luthor")

Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack have been working around the clock to stop Lois's wedding to Lex, now that proof exists of Lex's criminal activity. But on the day of the wedding, Superman is locked in a cage of kryptonite, awaiting death at the hands of Luthor himself after the wedding. Just before the "I do's," Perry and the police bust in with a warrant for Luthor's arrest. An enraged Luthor runs from the cops, ready to kill Superman, only to find the kryptonite cell is empty. Out of options, Lex races to his penthouse, where the police surround him. He stands on the ledge of his building. "Did you know this is the tallest building in Metropolis?" he asks, wild eyed. "Top of the world," he declares, and then takes a plunge, falling from his tower in the sky, and from his position in Metropolis.

#2 - Duh, Lois! ("Tempus Fugitive")

Lois and Clark have joined up with writer H.G. Wells to track down an escaped criminal from the 22nd century, known as Tempus. A fugitive from a Utopian society created by Superman's descendants, Tempus plans to kill Superman as a baby to prevent a future he considers too boring and peaceful. They manage to follow Tempus to the year 1866 in Wells' time machine. When Lois finds Tempus, he is delighted to learn that she does not yet know Superman's identity. Tempus puts on Wells' glasses and pretends to be Clark, then takes them off and pretends to be Superman. "Hello??" he shouts at Lois. "DUH! Clark Kent IS Superman!" Then Tempus laughs as the news sinks in. "Now that was worth the whole trip," he tells Wells. "To meet the most galactically stupid woman who ever lived!" When Clark catches up to Lois, she slaps him across the face. "And don't pretend that hurt, Superman!" By the episode's end, a little bit of time traveling erases Lois's knowledge of the secret (for now... see the next entry!), but this was our first glimpse of what it would be like for her to know the truth.

#1 - The Secret is Out ("We Have A Lot To Talk About")

Throughout the latter half of season two, Clark wrestled with the idea of telling Lois that he was really Superman. The season ended with Clark getting down on one knee in the rain, asking Lois to marry him. Viewers waited all summer, wondering if she'd say yes or no. Of course, with Lois, it's never that simple. Her answer surprised everyone when she took off Clark's glasses and said, "Who's asking? Clark, or Superman?" She had finally figured out the secret of his dual identity all on her own, changing the dynamic of their relationship forever.

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