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In the fall of 1993, a brand new interpretation of Superman flew onto the small screen with the debut of ABC's "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." As the title suggested, the focus here was not so much on the hero in the cape and spandex, but on the two intrepid reporters working for the Daily Planet. New to the big city, farmboy Clark Kent is smitten with Lois Lane, but she only has eyes for the dashing superhero from Krypton... she just has no idea they're the same person. It's a love triangle with only two people.

If movie legend Christopher Reeve made us believe in a larger-than-life Superman, then Dean Cain introduced us to a humble and down-to-earth Clark Kent. Teri Hatcher, meanwhile, made fans truly understand, perhaps for the first time, just how a superpowered visitor from another planet could fall in love with a mere mortal earth woman. The show didn't have a huge budget for super special effects, but it made up for that with deep characterization, fun plots, and the on-again, off-again romance between the two leads.

Over the course of four seasons, Superman would see the death and resurrection of longtime foe Lex Luthor, share his secret and his love with Lois Lane, and even get married. The series featured some fairly big name guest stars, including James Earl Jones, Bruce Campbell, Drew Carey, Raquel Welch, Adam West, Morgan Fairchild, Fred Willard, William Devane and Michael McKean, to name a few. Superman would even clash with a few foes brought over from the comics, including Metallo, the Prankster, and Mr. Mxyzptlk (played by a pre-"Deal or No Deal" Howie Mandel)!

Though the series arguably lost some steam in the later seasons, particularly after Lois and Clark tied the knot, much of it still holds up as a solid interpretation of the Man of Steel. The first season in particular has a great sense of wonder and excitement to it as Clark is still learning how to "be" Superman, Lex Luthor is still in control of the crime in Metropolis, and Lois and Clark alternate between being rivals and slowly falling for each other.

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