Helena Bonham Carter plays Marla Singer, the thorn in the side of our narrator, "Jack". She is quite the paradox to him, because he is at once both attracted to and repulsed by her. They first meet at a series of support groups that Jack has become addicted to, but Marla's presence there disturbs him.

"Marla, you little tourist, get out of here, I need this!"

Marla smokes like a chimney and has a mouth like a sewer. She is often suicidal, and makes her money stealing jeans out of laundromats and selling them. Although Jack is frustrated by Marla, he is jealous when she becomes involved with Tyler Durden.

Why does Tyler insist to Jack that he never mentions him, never talks to Marla about him behind his back? Why can't she know about Fight Club? Why aren't Tyler, Jack, and Marla ever all in the same place at once? And what does Marla know about Tyler that we don't? These questions are answered by the shocking end of the movie.

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Russ Dimino 2008