WRITTEN BY: Mark Schultz

DRAWN BY: Doug Mahnke

SUMMARY & COMMENTS: The Eradicator returns to Earth from deep space to bring a message to the people of Earth... a force is coming, more powerful than any the world has ever seen, and it will destroy all life as we know it. Then Professor Hamilton blasts the Eradicator with some ray gun, which pisses the dude off, and he and Superman start rumbling in the streets.

I can't stand Professor Hamilton. I don't know why they brought this character back into the fold. He fires that Plasma Gun thing for no reason, and even Superman is basically like, "Hamilton, what the @#$% was that all about?" I missed whatever the last issue was with the Eradicator in it, so I'm not really sure why he was exiled into space, or how he got turned into this gigantic warrior looking character. If an avid reader like me was lost, the casual reader probably threw in the towel with this one around page two. I did like the part where the Eradicator is towering over the city, and instead of running, the people of Metropolis are just kind of staring up at him. It makes sense that with all the weird stuff these people must see, that not much would phase them any more.

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Russ Dimino 2008